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Richardson Residential LLC.

"The quality of customer that I receive from Kudzu exceeds all others, hands down."

Richardson Residential provides expert handyman and remodeling services to residential customers. Owner Robert Richardson started the business after taking a hiatus following the recent downturn in the home building industry. When he determined the time was right to re-enter, he took the advice of a building industry colleague and contacted Kudzu for a profile.

"My friend told me he gets most of his leads from Kudzu," Richardson explained. "And I have found that to be true as well. Kudzu has created a viable, successful business for me. It is my bread and butter."

As Richardson's business started to grow, he began advertising on other sites as well but has since canceled all of those commitments except Kudzu.

"The quality of customer that I receive from Kudzu exceeds all others, hands down," Richardson stated. "I get customers from Kudzu who are professional, ready to buy, and expect to pay for a quality job. They also very typically become repeat customers of mine, and they refer their friends and neighbors to me."

Richardson also likes that Kudzu does not get involved in his business, like some of the other sites do.

"Kudzu allows me to advertise the work I've done, they promote me, and they stay out of my relationships with my customers, "said Richardson. "They don't try to match me with customers, they don't take a percentage of billings on jobs I get through them, and they don't charge my potential customers to find me. I like that."

Confident in the value of Kudzu, Richardson is currently upgrading his Kudzu advertising commitment to include a new category and an enhanced profile.

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