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Medallion Inspections

“We generate almost 50% of our revenue from new clients who find us on Kudzu."

"Our home inspection business depends entirely on reputation, and We wanted a way to stand out from the crowd," said Jim Radcliffe, CEO of Medallion Inspections. "We quickly noticed that the callers who found us on Kudzu were better informed and less price sensitive. And, as our number of ratings increased, so did the calls from Kudzu. Plus, callers were generally more interested in the quality of our work – and the best measure became the reviews that we were growing."

"Our current strategy is working so well for us that even in what some are calling the worse real estate market ever, our business is thriving," Radcliffe said. We attend continuing education classes with other inspectors, and they all tell us they’re not busy at all. We're still turning business away from time to time."

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Medallion Inspections

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