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Mark the Mover

“Customers we get through Kudzu pay their bills.”

Mark the Mover, an Atlanta –based moving company, began over 30 years ago with a man named Mark and a pickup truck. Today, Mark the Mover is a full service moving company with a storage facility, a fleet of 14 trucks and 50 full-time moving professionals. Kudzu has been part of that growth for years now.

Mark the Mover Sales Manager Justin Fascilla says, “Kudzu delivered a couple hundred thousand dollars in revenue the first year we advertised on it, and continues to provide us with a solid customer base.”

Fascilla has seen competition grow over the years on Kudzu, and knows that its hundreds of reviews help it stand out and get calls. Fascilla says, “When we get a call from Kudzu, we know it’s going to be a highly qualified lead. When we convert Kudzu leads to customers, we know they are people who will pay their bills. It’s as simple as that. And we’ve already gotten at least 75 leads and 30 jobs from Kudzu in just the first two months of this year.”

What’s more, Fascilla has worked with two account executives at Kudzu and raves about both of them.

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Mark the Mover

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