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East Cobb Appliance Service

"The response we get with Kudzu is so good that we’ve stopped all other advertising."

East Cobb Appliance Service provides home appliance repair from dishwashers to dryers, cooktops to wine coolers. Owner Ken Wiley and his wife, Kathy, who serves as the office manager, added Kudzu to its advertising mix, which included several Yellow Books and an advertising magazine, when their business was about four years old. They saw a positive return on investment almost immediately.

"Within about two months, the response we were getting with Kudzu was so good that we decided to stop all other advertising," Kathy Wiley stated. "We then used those saved dollars to increase our Kudzu advertising commitment so that we would show up higher and more often. Now, about 50% of our entire business is because of Kudzu."

Wiley says that once she saw the impact effective advertising could make, she realized that the other choices she had been using were truly a waste of money.

"They hardly worked at all," she said. "But with Kudzu, I get calls all the time from people who have already read our reviews and are ready to schedule appointments. Since I'm the only one in the office and my husband is our only technician, we find that getting a steady stream of quality calls through Kudzu increases our efficiency."

Wiley says they have the kind of "good problems" about which a small business dreams.

"Because of Kudzu, we are consistently busy, even in what had been the off-season previously, and we are making the kind of reliable income that lets us live a comfortable life," Wiley explained. "Next, we’ll see how things continue with our ability to manage our busy workload, and we'll determine whether or not we need to grow our staff and add more vehicles. After 22 years of working for someone else and then starting our own business, we're now at that point of being a bigger business ourselves, thanks to Kudzu."

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