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Joseph Bailey's Wood Restoration Co.

“I can focus on my service and leave the selling to Kudzu.”

After 30 years running a commercial wood restoration, refinishing, touchup and maintenance company that serviced the most well-known companies in Atlanta, Joe Bailey desired a business that would enable him to take back his nights and weekends. Kudzu made that possible. For the past few years, he has been advertising Joseph Bailey Wood Restoration Company, which provides wood refinishing services to residential customers, on Kudzu with great success.

“I wanted a business where I could do high-quality wood restoration projects for people that would really mean something to them, in a way that would enable me to have more time and flexibility in my life,” Bailey explained. “With Kudzu, I’ve been able to connect with customers like the woman who wanted to rock her new baby in the same chair in which her grandmother rocked her mother, and the family that wanted to update its everyday furniture rather than buy new furniture in today’s economy.”

Bailey never advertised his commercial business for those 30 years, relying solely on word-of-mouth. Now, with his current business, he says, “Kudzu is basically word of mouth, but in a really good, easy-to-use format. I never even ask my customers to post reviews—they just do. And almost every call I get starts with ‘I saw your reviews on Kudzu.’ Now, I can focus on my service and leave the selling to Kudzu.”

What about those nights and weekends?

“I can now go fishing,” Bailey answered.

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