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AllGood Plumbing & Electric

"Including regularly-updated deals on Kudzu has most definitely been a successful strategy for us."

Greater efficiency just makes sense nowadays, and Allgood Plumbing sees that first-hand. As consumers become more concerned about water efficiency, they are motivated to fix leaks, install tankless water heaters and install low-flow fixtures. When they search Kudzu for a plumber and are attracted to Allgood’s five-star rating, they then discover that Allgood’s deals on specifically tout the green advantages of being water-smart.

"Because so much of our selling now happens online and on the phone with the highly-educated and informed customers Kudzu brings us, we can focus more on continually improving our products and business processes," explained Ty Gailey, Allgood's operations manager. "What's more, consumers' responses to our Kudzu deals let us gauge their interest in various products so we can stay on top of where the market is heading and adjust accordingly."

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