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HP Exteriors

"Our Kudzu reviews are our version of a Better Business Bureau service, only better."

HP Exteriors provides residential home exterior remodeling services and is one of the fastest-growing James Hardie Replacement Contractors in Georgia. It considers its presence on Kudzu a way to not just generate high-quality leads, but to achieve valuable third-party credibility and community-based referrals through its online customer reviews.

“We consider Kudzu to be a critical part of our sales cycle for two key reasons,” explained Harmony Sockman, owner of HP Exteriors. “One, potential customers who find us through Kudzu have already done their homework, literally in the comfort of their homes, and are seriously considering hiring us when they call. Second, we send prospects who might not have come to us through Kudzu to the site anyway so that they can see our reviews. Our Kudzu reviews are our version of a Better Business Bureau service, only better because homeowners can write about their HP experience. It's an outlet for folks to review our company and our on-the-job performance, not just file a complaint. As a result, we find that we have a much lower cost-per-lead than we would have without Kudzu.”

HP Exteriors receives between 10 and 20 calls a week because of Kudzu. Eighty percent of these leads schedule an appointment. Every sale it closes is worth between $9,000-11,000 for HP Exteriors, so the return on investment for its reasonable monthly cost to advertise on Kudzu is substantial.

“Kudzu makes the phone ring. And that makes it a reliable source of leads for us,” Sockman says.

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