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Chipper LLC Tree Service

"Kudzu is the only site now that gets our advertising dollars."

Chipper LLC Tree Service offers tree removal, trimming, pruning, stump grinding, clearing, and grading. Owned an operated by Chris Comer, the company has the necessary equipment for large jobs plus the ability to do small jobs by hand to minimize the impact on homeowners' lawns. Comer maximizes his marketing impact, however, by relying on Kudzu for consistent, high-quality leads and stellar service.

"After seeing the excellent results we get from Kudzu, we've dropped Service Magic, AdZoo, and others, and we keep only a basic listing on Angie's List," said Comer. "Here's an example of why. Angie's List refused to research a review that we knew was not legitimate. Kudzu took the time to research it and, sure enough, saw that we were right and helped protect our good name. Kudzu is the only site now that gets our advertising dollars."

Comer likes that when he gets a call from a prospect that found Chipper LLC Tree Service through Kudzu, it's someone ready to get the job done.

"Not only do we get better leads from Kudzu than we did Service Magic, for example, it's also at a lower cost per lead than Service Magic was," Comer explained. "Plus, we're not chasing customers who may already have chosen another company. It costs money for us to do estimates, and with Kudzu I'm able to put resources against customers I know I have a strong chance of earning."

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