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Wright's Appliance Repair

“I no longer advertise anywhere else because of the success I have with Kudzu.”

Wright’s Appliance Repair is an appliance repair company owned and operated by a factory-trained technician with ten years of in-field experience. Its largest customer was a local appliance repair company until that company suddenly went out of business. Owner Steven Wright lost about 50% of his business as a result and was potentially in a crisis situation financially.

“I had my business up on Kudzu within a week, and the second my profile went live, I got calls,’ Wright said. “Within no time at all, I had made up any income I had lost, plus more. About 75% of my business comes from Kudzu now.”

Wright mentions other benefits of the business success he experiences with Kudzu. “As a result of advertising on Kudzu for over a year now, I have not only replaced my old business but have increased my profits since I don’t have to split them with anyone, as a did as a contractor for the appliance repair company,” he explained. “What’s more, since I’m not longer working for a third party, I have control over my schedule and pricing.”

Wright prefers Kudzu over Service Magic, where he was charged per lead, even if those leads didn’t result in jobs. “About 80% of the people who call me through Kudzu have me fixing their appliances shortly after,” Wright estimated. “I make up my Kudzu advertising costs very quickly! I no longer advertise anywhere else because of the success I have with Kudzu.”

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Wright's Appliance Repair

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