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Patterson Law Firm

"All of my marketing money will always be spent on Kudzu!"

Attorney Jackie Patterson of The Patterson Firm offers criminal defense representation for those charged with traffic offenses, DUIs, felonies or misdemeanors. He started advertising on Kudzu about a year ago. Although he thought the price was high at the time, he discovered that Kudzu delivers a 9-to-1 return on investment. His verdict? Kudzu is guilty of bringing him new business every single day.

"I get 30 calls a day from Kudzu, and about five of these result in new clients," Patterson explained. "I will never, ever get rid of my Kudzu advertising. TV doesnít work. Billboards donít work. Kudzu, however, has paid for itself over and over. All of my marketing money will always be spent on Kudzu."

Interestingly, Patterson doesnít consider Kudzu 'privileged information.' "I tell every lawyer I know about Kudzu," he said.

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