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Findlay Roofing

“We’ve never had a negative return on investment from our advertising on Kudzu.”

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Findlay Roofing is a family owned and operated roofing company with 13 crews repairing and replacing 35-45 roofs a week as well as providing insulation and ventilation improvements in the metro Atlanta area. Not a day goes by without its phones ringing with calls from Kudzu users.

“Kudzu is absolutely our highest return on investment for our advertising dollars,” stated Marcella Strech, Findlay Roofing’s office manager. “In fact, we got rid of all our other advertising vehicles so we could focus on Kudzu.”

Findlay Roofing received immediate response from Kudzu when it listed its business as a basic profile. It has since expanded its presence to become a premium sponsor and now sponsors the Virtual House as well.

“The more money we spend on Kudzu, the more new customers we get,” Strech explained. We’ve never had a negative return on investment. Even with the current downturn in the economy, Kudzu keeps a steady stream of calls coming in to Findlay Roofing.”

What’s more, Findlay Roofing is quick to refer its customers to Kudzu for other service needs that it doesn’t handle.

“Kudzu is such a great resource for customers because they can go online and read about other customer’s experiences,” said Strech. “Plus, it is absolutely easy to use.”

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