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Apex Fence Company

“Kudzu results annihilated my quarter-page ad in Yellow Pages."

Brian Landfried is a personable guy, committed to customer service. That part comes easy to him, and customers respond to it. “Offering excellent customer service is just the way we do business,” Brian explained, “but being on Kudzu and knowing customers have a high expectation after reading our reviews makes us continually hold ourselves to this high standard.”

It’s worth it, according to Brian, because Kudzu brings Apex Fence Company the highest qualified leads of any advertising that the company does. “Kudzu results annihilated my quarter-page ad in Yellow Pages,” Brian stated. “And although the number of leads we get from Kudzu and Google run neck-and-neck,the Kudzu leads are a bit more knowledgeable and ready-to-buy.”

Kudzu also makes it easy for Apex to show photos of its work and to link to the company website. “Working with Kudzu’s technology is painless,” Brian states. “An average computer user can use the features.”

If there’s one thing Brian is not, it’s “on the fence” about the benefits of Kudzu to his business. “I’m a big fan of the Kudzu,” he exclaimed. “It has been instrumental in our growth.”

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