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Crystal Cleaning Service

“New customers always reference Kudzu reviews when they call!”

Crystal Cleaning Company offers residential and commercial cleaning services. Its company values include integrity, honesty and accountability, and these are values it has found in its Kudzu relationship as well.

“First of all, the Kudzu staff has been terrific at handling my account,” explained Nicholas Verma, owner of Crystal Cleaning. “They are always cooperative and helpful with any questions I may have, and show integrity in all they do. I also believe Kudzu is an honest advertising option because it enables prospects to do research and read reviews of real customers who have used my service. They always reference Kudzu reviews when they call.”

And call they do. In fact, Verma claims that Kudzu is one of the strongest sources of leads he has. This accountability for delivering hot leads that result in more business makes Kudzu a top choice for Verma when allocating his ad dollars.

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Crystal Cleaning Service

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