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Bertolli Floors LLC

“Kudzu brings us 30-40% of our sales.”

Bruno and Phillip Bertolli are nothing short of floored by the success they have had from their presence on Kudzu these past two or three years. Their six-year-old business, Bertolli Floors, which specializes in installing and refinishing wood and tile floors, gets at least ten calls a week from Kudzu users, more than they get from either Google or Angie’s List.

“Most Kudzu users have done their research, and they are considering two or three different companies,” Bruno Bertolli explained. “By the time they call us, they have seen the photos and reviews on our Kudzu profile and are very close to making a decision.”

This tightening of the sales cycle means that the Bertollis have to spend less time trying to acquire new business. “The calls we get from Kudzu are serious buyers, not just shoppers. Callers feel like they know us already from our reviews and our job is then to provide them with a recommended solution to meet their needs. We are proud to say that we experience about a 40% conversion rate from these high-quality leads.”

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