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Chattahoochee Animal Clinic

“90% of the clients we get through Kudzu stay as long-term clients”

The Chattahoochee Animal Clinic used to be one of just a few animal hospitals in a five-mile radius. Now, after thirty years of practice in a geographic area that has seen phenomenal growth, it is one of at least 40 animal hospitals. What’s more, the residents of the area have become more mobile and relocate more often than in the past. Therefore, the Chattahoochee Animal Clinic needed to find ways to stand out from the competition and ensure a steady flow of new customers. It discovered Kudzu had just the bite it needed.

“I was spending over a thousand dollars a month on Yellows Pages, and I didn’t feel as if I was getting clients as a result,” Dr. Andy Morton, owner of the Chattahoochee Animal Clinic, explained. “In fact, when Yellow Pages started tracking calls for me, I saw for sure that the expenditure was not economically sound.”

Enter Kudzu. “I get 10-15 new clients a week from Kudzu,” Dr. Morton stated. “What’s more, they are not bargain-hunters who come in just once. They are highly educated and informed and are looking for the best care for their pets. Over 90% of those clients stay as long-term clients, and they recommend our hospital to their friends. As a result, we have a constant influx of new clients directly because of Kudzu.”

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