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"When customers pass other bike shops to come to yours because of Kudzu, that's good advertising."

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Evolution Bike Shop offers a full line of Road, Mountain, BMX, Triathlon, and Comfort Bikes from brands such as Jamis, KHS, Redline, and Torker, plus bike customization and restoration services. It has built a strong reputation through its commitment to stellar customer service and was already garnering reviews on Kudzu when owner Shane Jackson found out about the site.

"My business had been completely through word-of-mouth," Jackson explained. "And Kudzu was a natural fit with that sales strategy as it became a way for positive word-of-mouth to spread faster."

Jackson got approached by Kudzu several times to make a paid advertising commitment but he resisted as he was already getting some benefits from his existing positive reviews. Finally, wanting to increase his search engine optimization online, he said yes and purchased a Kudzu Digital Solutions package which optimized his businesses online presence for page one of Google.

Within 30 days, he was showing up on page one of Google for one of his keywords. Within about 60 days, he had two positions on page one of Google for the same keyword (his Kudzu profile and Facebook page, for which Kudzu was generating content).

After about 90 days, he held two positions out of the top four on page one of Google for the same keyword. As a result of showing up much higher in search results, new customers now find him easier and from a wider geographic range. "When customers pass five or six other bike shops to come specifically to yours because of Kudzu, that's good advertising," Jackson said.

Kudzu has done more for Jackson than that, however. Kudzu has given Jackson back his life. "In 2006, I lost my job, my house, everything, and I was even homeless for a while," Jackson explained. "I started Evolution Bikes in 2006 with practically no money. The reviews on Kudzu helped me build my business, and now our expanded online presence brings in a steady stream of customers every single day. I recently doubled my store's size due to our business growth, and I started taking Sundays off for the first time in seven years. I see my family now, I can take a vacation if I want, and I have some job security. There is no price I can put on that."

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