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Zippy Plumber

"Kudzu lets me focus on doing a quality job for a fair market price."

Zippy Plumber offers a wide range of plumbing services for homes and businesses. It specializes in drain cleaning and sewer repair, toilet repair, kitchen and bathroom drains, and a variety of other emergency plumbing services. Owner Matt Firtha simply desired to earn "fair market value" for his plumbing services, and finally achieved that after advertising with Kudzu.

"I used Service Magic, where four different plumbers would be vying for the same piece of business in a tough market," Firtha said. "It would come down to undercutting and overpromising, and ultimately being lucky to cover gas costs if you won the job. I was dying to get out of that unsustainable business model."

Firtha knew about Kudzu because he had worked previously at a large plumbing company that has success with it, plus he belongs to a fraternity of plumbers that rave about it. After advertising with Kudzu, he noticed the difference immediately.

"It is an entirely different climate on Kudzu, with educated, informed customers who value what I do and trust reviews," Firtha said. "Suddenly the constant pressure to be nickel-and-dimed was off, and I could just focus on doing a quality job for a fair market price. I knew immediately it was the market in which I wanted to be."

Firtha continued, "I have both business management and teaching degrees. I've been in the military. But I've always wanted to have my own business. I got my plumbing license and launched Zippy Plumber about two years ago. I simply wanted to earn what was fair and to keep a steady supply of customers flowing my way, and Kudzu now makes it possible for me to do that. This is where I want to be in life, thanks to Kudzu."

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Zippy Plumber

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