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Dentistry at East Piedmont-Dr. A. Patel

“Because of the quality patients we get through Kudzu, we dedicate 50% of our marketing budget to Kudzu alone.”

Dentistry at East Piedmont offers full-service dental care with a specialization in cosmetic dentistry. After attracting many new patients from Kudzu through a basic listing, Dr. Ashish Patel realized that Kudzu might be a good venue through which to reach a targeted clientele interested in specialized care and therefore started advertising on the site.

“100% of our marketing is on the internet now, and Kudzu is our #1 internet referring source for high-value cosmetic patients,” explained Dr. Patel. “These new patients represent our prime target and the direction in which we want to continually grow our practice. Since Kudzu is particularly strong at delivering quality patients, we dedicate 50% of our marketing budget every month to Kudzu alone.”

What’s more, Dr. Patel believes that Kudzu is such an effective search tool for users that he sees continued growth for the site.

“After people use Kudzu once, they use it for everything, and they tell people about the companies they find on it,” said Dr. Patel. “That means Kudzu’s user base will keep growing, and the potential for Dentistry at East Piedmont to expand its reach into its targeted cosmetic dentistry niche will continually expand. Our advertising presence on Kudzu brings us to the forefront of practices offering smile makeovers.”

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