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Inspect-All Services

"We came out of the gate swinging on Kudzu, and have had ongoing success."

Inspect-All Services is a second generation family-owned-and-operated business that offers both home inspections and pest control services. Co-owner and President Brian Lunsford and his brother, Brandon, bought the company from their father in 2006 and started advertising with Kudzu several years later as one of numerous updates they made to the company.

"We started advertising on Kudzu after having some initial success with Google AdWords. We realized it was time to move fully from the old-school method of putting ads in magazines and phone books and hoping people held onto our ad for some time in the future when they might need our services. We wanted to go online and reach prime prospects at the precise moment they need us," Brian Lunsford stated.

"We came out of the gate swinging on Kudzu," Lunsford continued. "We put together our profile, added pictures and video, and took advantage of reporting tools that gave us valuable data we could use."

Lunsford explained how Inspect-All Services has had particular ongoing success through participation in Kudzu Deals.

"First of all, our company prepares to handle the enormous response we typically get when Kudzu includes us in a Deals e-blast to its mailing list. We are ready to take the calls from Kudzu's savvy, knowledgeable users. We are then fully staffed to deliver great service, which helps to convert one-time samplers of our services to long-time customers. So, Kudzu Deals is a definite winning strategy for us," said Lunsford.

Lunsford additionally appreciates the excellent customer service he has received from Kudzu.

"In this day and age, to be able to pick up the phone and reach someone is a real differentiator," Lunsford explained. “With Kudzu, I get that kind of personal support and can thus quickly share ideas, troubleshoot, and take full advantage of the opportunities Kudzu can provide to my company. That matters to me."

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Inspect-All Services

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