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Caseys Painting LLC

"One new job a day pays for my advertising on Kudzu. The rest is profit."

Casey's Painting is a full-service residential painting company that has been in business for close to twenty years. Although business has always been good, owner Joe Casey saw an opportunity to expand the company’s reach to more valuable markets by advertising on Kudzu. In addition to advertising on the site, he extended the company’s presence even more through the purchase of a Digital Solutions package, which provides significant additional marketing outreach including business profiles, banner campaigns, SEO, social media marketing, and more.

"We're quite well known in Cherokee and Cobb Counties, but Kudzu helped us reach affluent consumers in Fulton," Casey explained.

Casey finds that these new prospects come from a much larger geographic area than he was able to reach previously and provide exciting new opportunities for his business.

"We now get a lot more traffic through the Internet, thanks to Kudzu, and our company is growing in a very desirable way as a result," Casey said. "Nearly every call from Kudzu becomes an appointment and closes, and we’ve had to hire new salespeople and crews to support this boom in our business."

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