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I have closed 85 sales purely because of Kudzu!

ProBest Pest Management provides comprehensive pest management solutions for homes and businesses. Since it upgraded its presence on Kudzu, it has seen an exponential increase of sales and has since decided to drop its Yellow Pages advertising.

I was astonished about a month after I upgraded and ran a sales report, Keith Birkemeyer, owner of ProBest Pest Managements, exclaimed. I had 15 new sales that I absolutely would not have gotten if not for Kudzu. In five months, I have closed 85 sales purely because of Kudzu. In short, Kudzu has provided me with a 10% increase in sales during a down economy. Kudzu works. Every phone book person in the world has been trying to get my business, but I tell them they cant match what Kudzu does for me.

Birkemeyer started a business networking club that meets every two weeks and shares leads and advice. All the members of the club are on Kudzu as well, and many are similar results. The ones who are not are the ones who havent spent the money to lock in top positions in their categories, mostly because those positions are already taken.

I took both of the top positions in my category, and as a result, I stand out when people search, Birkemeyer explained. Id highly recommend that other business owners do the same, if these positions are currently available in their category.

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