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Lanny Adams Appliance Service

"The internet is the way to go now, and Kudzu has been very good for us."

Lanny Adams Appliance, Heat and Air is a family-owned-and operated business that has been serving Atlanta since 1977. It provides repair and maintenance services for appliances and heating and air conditioning systems. It takes the good reputation it has earned over the years seriously, and considers Kudzu to be a perfect way to communicate this quality message to potential customers.

"The phone books are no longer providing an effective way to reach customers," Lanny Adams, owner of Lanny Adams Appliance, Heat and Air, explained. "The internet is the way to go now, and Kudzu has been very good for us."

Adams finds that changing with the times like this has enabled him to continually reach a ready-to-buy, upscale customer base. "Kudzu does attract an upwardly-mobile clientele, and we find that these prospects already have their minds made up about us when they call," Adams stated.

Adams admits that he never would have imagined he'd be marketing his business in this way back when he started his company in the 1970s. "I'm about 70 years old," he said, "and I don't know if I'm embracing this new technology as much as it's embracing me. As business owners, we have to be willing to change, and Kudzu lets us just lay it out there about our businesses honestly and let customers decide. If you've been working on your company's reputation over the years, Kudzu works to your benefit."

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