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Dr. Roof Atlanta Inc.

“Kudzu brings in highly educated buyers, including 36 this month alone”

Dr. Roof is a full-service roofing company that uses Kudzu to cover several marketing objectives—lead generation and branding.

“Kudzu users are highly educated, have done their research, have narrowed the field and are ready to buy by the time they call us. That’s a great way to tighten our sales cycle and bring in qualified leads, including 36 this month alone,” explained Michael Friedlander, Dr. Roof’s general manager.

“As we have increased our presence on Kudzu, we have found Kudzu also serves as an excellent branding tool for Dr. Roof,” Friedlander continued. “Our ads give additional exposure of our company to those who may not be looking for our company, or even for roofing in general, at this time. But by seeing our ad, they are predisposed to us for their future needs.”

Friedlander added that more and more people are relying on Kudzu to make their decisions.

“I use it myself!” he stated. “And as a business on Kudzu, I find the customer service to be very helpful. In short, Kudzu keeps me on the competitive edge, both personally and professionally.”

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