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North Georgia Turf, Inc.

“Quality customer service is a market differentiator for Kudzu.”

North Georgia Turf is a family-owned-and-operated business that provides turfgrasses from its five farms to homeowners, landscape professionals, golf course, and athletic fields throughout the southeastern United States. After word-of-mouth and existing customers, North Georgia gets most of its new business through Kudzu.

“We’re marketing to people who are looking for quality and service, and have found that these are the exact people who use Kudzu,” explained Helen Albrightson, North Georgia Turf’s business manager. “As a result, Kudzu not only drives traffic, but it delivers quality prospects who are educated and have done their research.”

Albrightson finds that by the time these highly valuable prospects call North Georgia Turf, they have pretty much selected the company and are just looking for validation that they are making the right choice.

“Not only does Kudzu bring us ideal prospects, but it also aligns well with our philosophy as a company,” Albrightson continued. “We are all about long-term relationships and quality service, and so is Kudzu. Our account manager is always bringing us new ideas and opportunities, and we think having that level of quality customer service is a market differentiator for Kudzu.”

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