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Dott, Andrew B MD

“We get two-three new patients every week from Kudzu."

Mid-Life Passages is more than a medical practice for obstetrics and gynecology. It's a practice dedicated to issues affecting the reproductive and endocrine health of men and women including pregnancy, preventative health care, nutrition, menopause, and the relationships between common medical problems and menopause. In short, it's a practice that focuses on the health of connections between one life stage and the next. Dr. Andrew, who co-founded the practice with his wife, Dr. Caroline Dott, says that Kudzu has revolutionized the practice.

"We used to place ads in the Yellow Pages, and we never once got a new patient from that effort," he explained. "With Kudzu, it's a completely different story. We get two-to-three new patients every single week from Kudzu."

Dr. Dott does no other advertising than Kudzu. "We are a small practice, and the results we get from Kudzu match our needs precisely. I consider our ongoing Kudzu results to be a terrific return on investment," he stated.

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