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Superior Plumbing Services

“Kudzu outperforms all other internet advertising.”

Superior Plumbing Services offers commercial and residential emergency and repair plumbing services in the Atlanta area. Although it advertised on Kudzu years ago, it had stopped due to its presence on numerous other non-internet-based advertising venues. Several months ago, however, Superior Plumbing Services came back to Kudzu.

Jay Cunningham, owner of Superior Plumbing Services, explained, “As a provider of emergency services, we were concerned about internet shoppers who only look for coupons and deals, thereby rendering a lower dollar figure per call than our other advertising efforts. However, we had heard the continual positive buzz about Kudzu. After coming back to Kudzu, we can confirm that Kudzu outperforms all other internet advertising we do by delivering a higher level of financial performance.”

Cunningham also finds his Kudzu account team to be responsive, easy to reach and an overall positive representation for the company. “As more and more of my business is going to the internet, I am adapting my strategy to incorporate those internet performers that deliver the results and the customer service that I desire,” said Cunningham. “Kudzu has proven to me that it does that.”

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